The Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) is an online portal that provides access to free professional learning modules and supporting materials to all Missouri public schools and their teachers. The system is available to teachers and school administrators through DESE's Web Application system and can be accessed at any time and used as a reference for users once the courses are complete.

The professional development modules included in the VLP would be a great source of training for teachers to meet Career Ladder training requirements.

The VLP may be used in a variety of ways, from totally self-directed use by individual teachers to highly directed and structured use for teams of educators. The VLP includes space for user collaboration, pre/post assessments, handouts, worksheets, and other training materials. A district or school may decide to learn and implement the content using an internal facilitator, or for schools desiring more support, RPDC staff is available to provide initial training and/or follow-up coaching and technical assistance activities through contracted services.

About MoPAL

The Missouri Pathway for Aspiring Leaders in Special Education (MoPAL) is a three-year, DESE sponsored program. Individuals who currently hold a Missouri Administrator Certificate are eligible for participation. Through this program, aspiring leaders receive essential content through online professional learning modules, cohort learning experiences, coaching, and mentoring.


Although anyone with access to the VLP is welcome to use these materials, the primary audience are those individuals who have applied and been accepted into the MoPAL program. If you are interested in applying to become a MoPAL scholar, click here.



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